Helping you connect people to Jesus and one another

Starting your first (or next) evangelistic Bible Study

Starting your first (or next) evangelistic Bible Study


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What we covered in this event...

Finding Interested People (3:20)

Many more people are interested than you would think.  We will show you where to look, what to do before you ask them to read the Bible, and effective ways determining their spiritual interest.

Four tips to setting people at ease at your first meeting (11:33)

Reading and talking about the Bible is new for many people.  What can you do so people will be eager for the second meeting?

Creating conversations that people will tell their friends about (18:14)

You can see your group members telling their friends about the Bible, even before they come to faith.

Empowering group members to lead (21:32)

Why it is important to involve each member of the group in leading parts of the study starting with your first or second meeting.

These tracts are designed for your phone



Now the app is ready for you.  Over 50 languages.  All based on the Four Spiritual Laws by Bill Bright, but with cultural adaptations for different language groups.

I never know when God is going to give me an opportunity to talk with someone from another culture about Jesus.

I was sitting in the department store, while my wife was shopping for shoes.  My feet were tired, so I pulled out my phone to continue reading Voyage to the Center of the Earth.

Right then another gentleman sat down right across from me.  Like me, his feet were tired.  Unlike me, he didn't have anything to read.  

We started talking and I soon learned he was from the Ukraine and in my country for a work holiday.  I told him I was working on a phone app that had something in his language. He expressed an interest and so I scrolled through my app looking for Ukrainian.  Not there.  But I did have Russian.  He said that was good enough and so we began looking at the screen.

Two languages side by side.  Easy for both of us to read and discuss.

I've been refining bi-lingual tracts for over 20 years so that you can have the tracts you need, when you need them.


Bob Prouty




Helping you connect people to Jesus and one another 

What do you need today?





Sharing your faith puts you on the frontline of spiritual battle. You need people to pray for you. Ask us to pray and then form a team who will pray for you regularly.

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What is your vision? It has been said that if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. God has told us "that without a vision the people perish". Your vision will determine your strategy. Your strategy will determine which materials you need.

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Want help in reaching your community?  You are twice as likely to be successful if you have a coach.  Our coaches will meet with you in person or over the phone to help you become effective in outreach.  

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Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Groups

Discovery Bible Studies are social spaces where those far from God can discover what God is like and how He wants them to relate to other people. They begin when a disciple maker identifies a person of peace and begins a group with that person's friends or family. Discovery Groups are easy to lead: you do not need to be a gifted teacher.  

Bi-lingual Gospel Tracts

Bilingual Tracts

Bilingual Gospel tracts  are an effective way to share the Gospel with people from different cultures, over a cup of tea or coffee. These tracts are based on the Four Spiritual Laws by Bill Bright.

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Bi-lingual Bibles

Bi-lingual Bible Passages

Looking for a bi-lingual Bible?  You can now print bi-lingual Bible passages in over 200 languages. Great for ESL groups or friends whose first language is not English.

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JESUS movie

Watch a 3 minute segment of the JESUS movie on your cell phone in any of 1,000 -- or download it for later viewing. You can select any of 61 segments, or watch the entire movie on your laptop or TV.

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