Dialog with a trusted group of your friends and share what you are discovering about God.

Designed for you to interact with seekers and people living in sensitive areas.

You can use any of the studies on this site:

  • Discovery Bible Study
  • T4T
  • 7 Journeys
  • or write your own

Designed to maximize interaction between group members. The study shown in divided into four icons:

  • Caring
  • Discover
  • Application
  • Planning

When you answer the questions behind each icon the icon changes from purple to green.  When other group members answer a question the icon turns to yellow, until you read their responses.  Then it becomes green again.  

This method allows each group member to interact with the group in short bursts of time (3 to 5 minutes).

Other Platforms: Visit dmlife.info/dialog and pin to your homescreen. How? Now it looks just like a normal app.



Here is how it looks on my phone: