Which App is best for me?

My Language

Designed for seekers.

My Language is designed to let people learn about God their own language using their preferred learning style. People can listen, watch, read, study or ask questions in any of 200 languages.

We use it to let people watch segments of the JESUS movie, read or listen to the Gospel of Luke, or type their questions to our online missionaries.

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Bi-lingual 4SL

Best for sharing the Gospel with people who speak English as their second or third language

Culturally sensitive bi-lingual Gospel tracts in more than 50 languages  based on the Four Spiritual Laws by Bill Bright.


First Steps

Best for groups of new Christians.

First Steps is foundational follow up material to help ground new Christians in their faith, and to take their first steps in their relationship with God.


Discovering Community

Discover what God is doing in your community and build a team to meet physical and spiritual needs.

Allows you and your team to securely exchange prayer requests and notes about community needs. 

Includes English Discovery Bible Studies that you can use offline. 

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Discovery Bible Study

Indepth Resources for Discovery Bible Studies

Based on the work of David Watson, this app can help you to start a Discipleship Building Movement.  Includes four levels of studies in English(from non-believer through church leader).  Enables you to sign up for online coaching or coach others. 

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Discover DMLife

Discover which of your friends want to know more about Jesus

Many people have asked "How do I know when my friends are ready to hear about Jesus?" This app can help you discern if this the right time to have the conversation, and what do to after your first conversation.

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Best for online Bible Studies, especally for people living in locations where security is an issue.

Dialog with a trusted group of  friends about what you are discovering about God. You can use any of the studies featured on this page, or design your own.

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Hybrid Church

Do you want to see your existing church grow and your church members starting groups in their community? 

 Hybrid Churches is based on the work of Roy Moran and gives you 7 Journeys which are designed both for the new people who come to your church and your neighbours who will never enter into a church building.

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If you are planning to attend MC2 or want to share the vison of MC2 with others, this is the app for you.

MC2 is the four level training offered by Campus Crusade for Christ to help you plant new faith communities.

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Indepth resources for T4T: A Discipleship Rerevolution


Based on the work of Steve Smith and Ying Kai this app can help you to start a four generation movement.

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