What is the next step for you?

Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure.  

You will continue to be transformed by Jesus and He will continue to work through you to transform the people around you.

Here are some resources which may help. 

 The Essentials : https://www.cru.org/train-and-grow/help-others-grow/leading-small-groups/the-essentials.html

Christianity Explained: http://www.christianityexplained.com 



Learn to share Jesus with your friends i

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Want help in reaching your community? You are twice as likely to be successful if you have a coach. Our coaches will meet with you in person or over the phone to help you become effective in outreach.

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Sharing your faith puts you on the frontline of spiritual battle. You need people to pray for you. Ask us to pray and then form a team who will pray for you regularly.

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