MyFriends enables everyday followers of Jesus to live in such a way that they help create opportunities for their unchurched friends to experience Jesus, connect with Him and form groups with their own friends and family to discover Gods story.

This training was developed in Switzerland by young adults who saw a problem –  people everywhere needed Jesus, but they were not interested in going to a church to find Him.

So in the power of the Holy Spirit, using Biblical principles they found a way to help every follower of Jesus form groups of new believers in their own social circles.

This multiplied into more groups that reproduced the MyFriends process in their own friendships!

We believe God wants to see the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) fulfilled in every community across our nation and across the generations.

MyFriends is one of the ways this can happen!

There are two ways to be involved:

  1.  Attend training sessions in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

  2. Request personal coaching by phone or Skype




 Here is what the MyFriends training process looks like: