Faith is meant to be lived out in community. Here is an outline that you can follow with any Bible passage once you have completed the 10 Basic Conversations.


  1. How have you experienced God this week?
  2. Do you need any help from God in your life?
  3. Do you know anyone outside this group that needs help?
  4. Pray together: Thank God for experiences, ask for God’s help.
  5. How did you go putting into practice what we studied last time?
  6. Did you tell anyone about your experiences with God last week? How did they respond?
  7. Pray together, that you may get to know new aspects of God and that your friendship with God would be strengthened and become deeper.
  1. Read the text quietly.
  2. Ask two different people to read the passage out loud.
  3. Ask a group member to tell it in their own words.
  4. Ask the group if anything was added or left out from the retelling.
  1. General questions:
    1. What do you like about the passage?
    2. Is there anything in the passage that bothers you?
    3. What do we learn from this passage about God?
    4. What do we learn from this passage about people?
  2. If what we’ve read is true, how will it change:
    1. My view of God, people, or the world?
    2. My way of life?
    3. My behaviour towards people, animals, or nature?
  1. How do I put the Bible passage we read today into practice this coming week? I will…