Half the town came out to see...

Half the town came out to see Tammy baptised last week.

Tammy lives in a small town in rural Queensland.  The Catholic church offers mass four times a year.  The Anglican church has not opened it's doors in the past 12 months.  The Uniting Church sold their building.  Some of the people will drive into Roma for Easter and Christmas. Thats about as regular as church gets for them.

Last year things changed in Yuleba.  Dan found a couple of people who were interested in regular Bible study.  Tammy said they could meet in her house.  As they met, God began changing Tammy.  She went from being 'sort of interested in religious things' to 'taking faith in Jesus seriously'.  God began speaking to Tammy about being baptised.

When Dan suggested she tell her friends about her desire to be baptized she decided to invite the whole town, all 200 of them.  They brought chairs out to the park next to the lagoon where they held their outdoor baptism service.

Baptism in Queenland

The next day was their monthly 'church service' and 20 children came.  That represents 2/3 of all the school age children in town. Imagine if 2/3 of all the school children in your community showed up to learn about God on Sunday.

I'm looking for people who will pray regularly for Tammy, Dan and the other people in rural Australia. 

A lot of people  in the Maranoa Region are discouraged.  They hurt while their children and friends move away from the area. The towns are shrinking. The established churches are closing their buildings.  Many people have given up hope of things ever getting any better.

Dan and I believe that Jesus was telling the truth when He said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

We want to see the people in rural Australia living in the fullness of what Jesus offers.

But the ground is hard.  Many people have only seen "religion".  They don't know people like Tammy who have been changed by Jesus.

The only way I know to change hard ground is by prayer.  That is why I am asking God to raise up prayer warriors for this area.

 Ask God if He want you to interceed for Dan and his team. He sends me regular text messages so I know where to focus my prayers.

You can contact Dan on 048 439 1630 or dangill1988@hotmail.com