how do you find and train new DBS leaders?

The other night I went with my wife to the local park to give out bread.  A local baker clears his shelves every night and gives us the left overs every Monday.  Usually people come to our home for the bread, but it is summer holiday and only a few people came. We put the bread in the boot (trunk) of the car and headed to the park.

We are fairly well known at the park and it didn't take long until people started moving towards the car to pick up their free bread. 

I noticed a new couple on the far side of the park.  As the woman walked by me I observed that she was wearing a cross necklace.  I introduced myself to her husband and found out that his wife had only been in the country a week.  Dennis*  had been here four months.  

"I notice your wife had a cross necklace.  Are you Christians?", I asked after a while.

Dennis* eagerly proceeded to tell me his full spiritual journey from atheism to becoming a fruitful evangelist. He then went on to tell me how he shares his faith: asking questions that can only be answered by considering God.

I like his approach.  I think we can work well together.  I'm going to go over to his house and talk some more.  Then I will challenge Dennis* to join me in Watching God Work. These are nine conversations which will give him an overview of how God is working through Discovery Bible Studies to transform communities.

I met two other people like Dennis last week.  One at a birthday party and another when visiting a neighbour.  I am looking forward to what God will do in and through them.

You can download the outlines and begin training the people you meet in casual conversation.

You will be more effective if you have a coach who can build into your life and help you though the rough spots. See what coaching can do for you.

I am praying that God leads you to people ready to train this week.