How often should your DBS group meet?


How often do your DBS groups meet?

Last weekend Allan* and Carrie* asked Mike* and his wife how often they wanted to meet for Discovery Bible Study.  Mike's wife said she is very busy and only wants to meet once a month.

Mike* seemed to want to get together more regular.

In the end the couple settled on a monthly meeting.  

Allan* then got creative.  He thought, "If Mike* is more eager to learn than his wife, maybe I can do something with him onlline between the monthly sessions.  We both use WeChat."

Join me in praying for Allan's* experiment. 

Maybe social media can supplement our face-to-face meetings and help people to grow quicker.

I'll let you know what God does with this idea.

In the meantime, if you have had any experience with using social media to help your group members, let me know.  Both Allan** and I am keen to learn.