Total Involvement

This weekend I went to a six year old's birthday party.  

Some parties are easier than others for me. I am an introvert and prefer parties where I already know at least one other person.

This was among my favourite parties. The host made a real effort to make sure that everyone was engaged. The theme of the party was "Legos" and the first activity was to assemble a Lego kit. There were kits for each child and three for the adults.  I worked with another adult to make this firetruck. We were totally immersed in this project.  Looks good doesn't it?

My wife isn't in to Lego and she was quite happy to sit, watch and visit with the adults around her. She is an extrovert and thrives on dialog.

On the way home my wife and I talked about how this party was like our Discovery Bible Studies.  We, too, want to make sure that everyone is engaged.

We start by asking each person in turn the 'caring questions', but allowing them to pass.

We try to vary the Discovery method.  Some days we ask people to draw a picture illustrating some aspect of the story.  Another day we brought along play dough. My wife used a clip from the JESUS movie to summarise what we read.

Using different methods of summarising the Bible passage will appeal to different learning styles and help increase both involvement and learning.

I would love to hear your ideas for increasing involvement in your groups.