What is your DBS doing for Easter?

One of our groups decided to celebrate Easter early.

Michael* had just returned from China.  Grace* was about to celebrate her birthday and Chris* was about to travel to the USA.  It was time for a party.

The regulars invited their friends who had come to a DBS meeting once or twice in the past.

We gathered around 1 pm for lunch at my home.  Several people brought food.

After the main course my wife set the context using some pictures she used for her Kindergarten Scripture Class.  A simple summary of how Adam and Eve made a poor choice and the impact that has had on us all.  The promise of Jesus, how He lived, died and came to life again. 

We then broke into two groups to read the Scripture  (John 20:1-10;19-31).  I asked two emerging leaders to facilitate the conversation. The first question set the tone and got people engaged. You would have loved the laughter.

  1. Ask each member of the group to pick a different person in this story and draw their  expression . Use the drawing style of a text message   J  or L
  2. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  3. What does this passage tell us about the early followers of Jesus?
  4. What are some of the benefits of believing in Jesus? 

While the emerging leaders were leading the conversation I focused on Antone*, a 4th grade student who was playing with dominos.  I asked it I could read him a story. When he said "Yes", I put the Bible on the table and started reading.  Then I asked him to read.  His answers to the questions showed real understanding. We finished early, so I had time to evaluate how the emerging leaders were doing in facilitating conversation.

When everyone finished we went inside for cake and games.

The real heavy lifting took place in the kitchen.  One of the members was very distraught about a family situation.  They were not sleeping well.  Another member listened carefully and then prayed for them.

What is your plan for Easter?  Let me know how I can pray for you.