Sharing Jesus at Christmas

12 fun ways to share Jesus this Christmas


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What we covered in this event...

Tips for each of the following ideas:

  1. Outdoor Lights (2:17)
  2. Christmas Cookies (4:05)
  3. Gingerbread Houses (5:04)
  4. Christmas Party(6:07)
  5. Christmas Carolling (7:32)
  6. Nativity Set (8:05)
  7. Christmas Coffee (8:43)
  8. “Have you read what the Bible says about Christmas lately?” (9:45)
  9. JESUS DVD (10:27)
  10. Carols in the Park (11:45)
  11. Candy Cane (12:46)
  12. Epiphany Party (13:21)

Remember:  It is not WHAT you do, but HOW YOU USE what you do.

“An evangelistic event is any activity planned with non-Christians in mind that brings them in contact with trained Christians ready to talk about Jesus in a relaxed setting enabling interaction.” (Bill Hodgson – Power to Change)

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