Prayer Hotline

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.


Telling others about Jesus will bring you into the frontlines of spiritual battle.

You will want a team of people praying for you and for the salvation of the people God leads you to.

On the pages in this section you will find ideas to stimulate your prayer life and and involve ohters in your adventures.

Please take time to pray for the other people who have come to this website. They have downloaded resources and are now planning to connect people to God. If you click on the names below you can send them a short email saying you prayed for them.

Prayer Group


Pray for Han Dong who is sharing the Gospel in Korea (South) with Korean-speaking friends.(requested July 21)

Pray for Richard who is sharing the Gospel in Philippines with Tagalog-speaking friends.(requested July 18)

Pray for Elcineia who is sharing the Gospel with Portugese-speaking friends.(requested July 14)

Pray for Laurynas who is sharing the Gospel in Lithuania with Lithuanian-speaking friends.(requested July 7)

Pray for Glenford Deer who is sharing the Gospel in United Kingdom with Spanish (Europe)-speaking friends.(requested July 5)

Pray for Barbara who is sharing the Gospel in United States with Spanish-speaking friends.(requested July 4)