Associate with non-Christians


In a multi-cultural community most Christians will be operating much like the Good Samaritan. He didn't wake up thinking "Today I will start a ministry to Jews". He was simply being sensitive to the people God brought across his path.

Where do you normally meet non-Christians?

  • At the corner shop?
  • At the bank?
  • At the café?
  • In your neighbourhood?
  • At the petrol station?
  • When you order pizza?

Who have we met in our suburb? An Iraqi military officer, the Romanian ambassador,  Vietnamese refugees, Indian government officials and many more. I find it easiest to meet people:

  • in a neutral public area (like the park or outside the school)
  • where they have time to interact
  • and are not already involved in a large group activity.

You may find it easier to meet people in larger groups or in more structured settings.  God made each of us different.

Open your eyes and see who God leads across your path today.

The next step is building a friendship.


 Where do YOU associate with non-Christians from other cultures?