Befriending People People in multi-cultural communities are hungry for friendships. People who have recently moved to your country need someone to help them understand the new ways. You don't need to be an expert on their culture or their ways of doing things. If people know you love them you can make all sorts of cultural "blunders". Just smile and keep a sense of humour. Be sure to speak slowly and use good grammar. Avoid the temptation to speak louder with people who don't know English well. They are not deaf. Here are some suggestions to get you started in befriending non-Christians:

  • Invite someone over for afternoon tea or for dinner.
  • Give each other cooking lessons
  • Watch a DVD, game, movie together
  • Find out what hobby they enjoy and do it together
  • Do a loving action for them-- what communicates love to you?
  • Invite them to your parties

As you befriend people you will have many opportunities to learn about their specific culture.

You will also have opportunity to create an interest in the Gospel

What have you found helpful in building friendships with people from different cultures?