Holiday Celebrations

Help your neighbours celebrate their religious holidays by sharing with them how their holiday points to Jesus. That is what the early Christian missionaries did and why most people now celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Here are some cards you can download, and websites you can recommend:


  • Easter is a great season to give your neighbours gifts.  How about an Easter basket with chocolates and this card which will direct them to watch a child-friendly version the Easter Story?

Print double-sided flipping on the long side. Cut in half to make two cards.

English Card

  • Indians may confuse the words "resurrection" and "reincarnation".  This tract uses words designed to clarify the difference:  "After three days, Jesus came alive again in the same body".  We designed this tract for primary school students.

English card


Australians -- ANZAC Day

How well do you know the story of Simpson and his Donkey?  A classic Australian story.  These cards lead you on an evangelistic journey which gracefully transitions to the story of the Good Samaritan and an opporunity to investigate more of what Jesus said.

Print version (with QR code)

Online version (for social media.


Japanese - Obon

Obon, also known as the Bon Festival, is a traditional Japanese celebration that holds deep cultural and spiritual significance. According to Buddhist belief, during Obon, the spirits (ghosts) of the deceased return to visit their living relatives. Lanterns are also an integral part of Obon, as they are said to guide the spirits (ghosts) back to the otherworldly realm at the end of the festival. Here are two videos to give you more understanding of the festival:  video 1               video 2

Watching these videos can give you an exellent introduction into a spiritual conversation.  Here is a suggested path:

    • We’ve been learning about spiritual topics from the Bible, how about spiritual or stories about spirits from Japan?
    • I heard Japanese like ghost stories, is that true? (They will probably giggle)
    • Please tell me about your favourite ghost story.
    • Has anyone ever seen a ghost? 
    • Have you ever had a mysterious ("fushigi”) experience that you want to share?

This line of questions will allow you to ask about their belief in the unseen world and if they believe in an afterlife. Just talking up to this point would be good progress by acknowledging the spirit world. In other words, just let that linger instead of pushing into biblical truths about “the real God” etc. 

Or if they’re open, “Did you know the Bible has some ghost stories?” Share about when Jesus was walking on the water and the disciples thought he was a ghost. They might be surprised to see that the Bible has a ghost story in it and this will help create common ground for more conversation.


Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year will be celebrated on Sunday 22 January, 2023  This is the Year of Rabbit in most of the world.  In Vietnam it is the Year of the Cat.

The card ends with this challenge: Jesus has said many other things which have changed my life and given me hope for the future. You can use the QR Code to find out more about what Jesus said. He can change your life and give you hope too!

After your friend has read this card, you might ask them if they would like to learn more about what Jesus taught. Then you could read together through one of the Gospels.

(Print double sided, flipping on the SHORT edge)

Chinese - English Card  

Vietnamese -  English Card  



Hindus -- Deepavali

The festival of Deepavali is a beautiful and dazzling time of fun and religious observance. It is the celebration of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Jesus himself said, "I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall never walk in darkness but will have the light of life"

To learn more - visit

Hindus -- Holi

The festival of Holi is a festival of colours.  On this day Hindus may safely interact with people of any caste.  "There are no enemies on Holi".  It is a time of fun, celebration and forgiveness.

Hindi - English card (A4 size)

Hindi - English card (letter size)

Nepali - English card


Hindus -- Easter

Indians may confuse the words "resurrection" and "reincarnation".  This tract uses words designed to clarify the difference:  "After three days, Jesus came alive again in the same body".  We designed this tract for primary school students.

English card


Muslims -- Eid El Adha

During the festival of Eid El Adha, Muslims sacrifice a lamb, goat or cow to remind them of Abraham's (Ibrahim's) sacrifice.

Christians now understand what the Righteous God intended to show us through the story of Ibrahim and believe that God has given Isa al-Masih as a sacrifice. We believe that nothing else completes the story of Ibrahim’s intention of sacrificing his son, than Isa al-Masih’s death on the cross and his resurrection after three days. Instead of the blood of animals, in which there is no power to save us from our sins, the Holy Lamb came from above, the saviour Isa al-Masih .

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Here are bi-lingual cards that will explain to your Muslim friend the true significance of Ibrahim's sacrifice:

Muslims -- Easter

 Easter is a great time to talk about Jesus' Last Days on Earth .  Muslims do not believe that Jesus died. This tract shows what really happened in a Muslim-sensitive way. 

Jesus' Last Days on Earth from Power to Change Australia on Vimeo .


Other Holidays

If you know of other holidays that can be celebrated in a similar manner, please contact us and help us design an appropriate tract and website.