Celebrating Jesus

Let's celebrate

Our team likes to celebrate what Jesus does in our community.

Imagine what would happen if the only time your parents celebrated was the day you graduated from high school.  If they never told you before then that they were proud of you.  If they never spoke an encouraging word until that day.  It would be so hard to keep motivated.

Too often we are like that in evangelism.  We wait until baptism to celebrate.  But a person's spiritual journey is usually made up of small steps.

When our team gets together we celebrate each of the baby steps our neighbours and friends take along their spiritual journey.

We like celebrate:

  • meaningful conversations
  • spiritual conversations
  • times we pray with non-Christians
  • activities our non-Christian friends come to
  • introducing people to our Christian friends
  • our first Bible conversation
  • our first one-on-one Bible study
  • the start of group Bible studies
  • baptisms
  • and so much more.

Here is a chart which helps us track how what Jesus does in their life.

Feel free to modify it to fit your community.

Let's glorify Jesus.