Everyone does better with a coach.

The better you are the more coaching will help you.  Look at the sports clubs in your community.  Which team has more coaches:  the local amatuer team or your national team?

Experience shows that you are twice as likely to be successful in building a Disiple Buidling Movement if you have a coach.

Here's Life is building a team of coaches who can help you.  



We listen

What approach do you want to take?

How do you want us to help you?

We discern

  • If you need knowledge, we teach
  • If you need a skill, we train
  • If you need a help with your strategy, we coach (brainstorm)
  • If you need a help with protection, we pray

We ask


  • What do you plan to do between now and the next time we meet?
  • Can I check up on this the next time we meet?
  • Who can you share your new insights with?
  • And a bunch of other questions.


How can we help you be successful?