Coach others

 Everyone does better with a coach.

Experience shows that people are twice as likely to be successful in evangelism and discipleship if they have a coach.

Here's Life is building a team of coaches for the people who come to our training courses.  Right now we need 10 coaches for the people going through MyFriends training.

Will you help them be successful in applying what they learned? 

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Coaches listen

Coaches listen to people's ideas and the direction they believe God is calling them to follow. Here are some of the approaches we coach:


Coaches discern

A coach changes their role based on what the other person needs.

  • If people need knowledge, we teach
  • If people need a skill, we train
  • If people need a help with their strategy, we coach (brainstorm)
  • If people need  protection, we pray

Coaches ask



The right question at the right time can help people get unstuck and make strides towards their goal.  Here are some of my favourites:

  • How are you going -- really?
  • How is it going with that thing you told me about last time?
  • What do you plan to do between now and the next time we meet?
  • Can I check up on this the next time we meet?
  • Who can you share your new insights with?

CASA Coaching Outline