5. Connect people to Jesus

Inititate Spiritual Conversations

Initiate Spiritual Conversations

I believe that each Christian should learn to master five ways of starting spiritual conversations. Jesus calls us to be fishermen and every good fisherman needs to have a variety of approaches.

My favourite option is to tell stories. When I am invited to a party I consider which of the stories I know about Jesus would be the most interesting to this group. There are so many other ways of initiating spiritual conversations. Look at our suggestions and add these to what you already know.

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Look for Persons of Peace

God is already at work strategically placing people where He wants them. The Person of Peace becomes the key through which entire relational networks are reached with God’s love. Persons of Peace have been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the Gospel for the first time into a community.

Persons of Peace have four characteristics in common:

  1. They are open to you being in their lives and to learning
  2. They are hungry for spiritual things,
  3. They quickly share the truths they have discovered
  4. They pull you into their network of relationships.


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Form Groups

Discovery Groups


Most people need time to investigate the claims of Jesus.  We invite them be part of a Discovery Group. Here they can learn about the character of God, the problem of sin and the solution which Jesus provides in a relaxed atmosphere.  Group members learn by observing that following Jesus involves caring for each other, putting into action what they have learned from the Bible,  telling others what they have learned and meeting community needs.

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Clarify Commitment

Share the Four Spiritual Laws

Some people are ready to connect with Jesus the very first time we meet them.  With these people we share the Four Spiritual Laws right away.  

Other people need more time to learn about the character of God, the problem of sin and the solution that Jesus provides.  With these people we may wait to share the Four Spiritual Laws until after their Discovery Group has discussed John 3.

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