Discovery Bible Study


Imagine getting a group of lost people together to read the Bible and discuss:

  • What does this passage tell us about God?
  • What does this passage tell us about people?
  • If this passage is true, how should we change our thoughts or behaviour?

Thousands of Discovery Bible Studies have been started around the world and millions of people have come to faith and been baptized as a result.

We would like to help you start a Discovery Bible Study in your community

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In less than 3 minutes you can create a Discovery Bible Study appropriate for your group.  Is your group using two or three languages?  No problem.  You can print off bi-lingual or tri-lingual Discovery Bible Studies complete with questions and Bible passages. Now everyone can be involved.

Discovery Bible Study Outline

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Vision and Results

Discovery Bible Studies were pioneered by David and Paul Watson. Many people have been influenced by this model.  CityTeam was an early adopter.  In their book, Miraculous Movements , they tell how God is using Discovery Bible Studies to reach people in over 20 people groups.

David Broodryk and his team at Acclerate Training has been pioneering Discovery Bible Studies in cities. Here's Life is seeing Discovery Bible Study groups multiplying and starting new groups in other countries.



Many groups like to use a bookmark for their Discovery Bible Study.  They pass the bookmark around the group and whoever is holding it asks the next question. You can download and print bookmarks in the following languages:

Arabic      Bulgarian      Chinese      English      Farsi      French      Hindi      Indonesian      Italian      Japanese      Korean      Malagasy      Nepali      Spanish      Tamil      Telugu      Thai      Turkish      Urdu      Vietnamese


Online Groups

Online Discovery Bible Studies give you the opportunity to interact with people in another part of your city or even in another country.

If you are in different time zones you can leave notes for each other, much like with other social media.  Each page has a specific focus:

  • Caring for one another
  • Accountability
  • Discovering what the Bible says
  • Application
  • Planning

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You are twice as likely to be successful if you have a coach to help you with your first Discovery Bible Study. Right now we are coaching people in person and over the internet in how to start their first group and how to help the groups multiply so that everyone in the community is impacted by the Gospel.

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