This is an alternative to the Personal Testimony.  It is shorter and easier to write. It is also easier for many non-Christians to follow because they are used to hearing endorsements from satisfied customers on TV.

We would encourage you to limit yourself to seven paragraphs:

1. A permission statement: "May I share with you what my relationship with my Creator means to me?"  Their response will tell you whether or not you should proceed.

2. A major benefit.  Here are five to consider:

  • pardon
  • peace
  • purpose
  • power
  • prayer

3. Contast: Tell what your life was like before you became a Christian.

4. Information: What news did you hear about Jesus and how did this affect you?  Talk about Jesus.  Leave out churchy words.

5. Commitment: How you responded to God's offer. Be specific.

6. Disclaimer:  Since responding to God's offer life has not been without problems

7. Today: How you feel about your life.  A challenge for them to respond.

Sample Endorsement
by Bob Prouty

May I tell you what my relationship with my Creator means to me?

The major benefit is that I have received unconditional forgiveness from my Creator. I am forgiven for all the wrong things I have done. I'm not carrying the weight of past mistakes. I can now live life without regrets.

It wasn't always like that. A few years ago it was quite different. In my gut I knew how I should be living. The harder I tried the more wrong choices I made. My moral debts just kept adding up. I worked hard to get some credit, but just kept accumulating debts. 

One day I read some wonderful news at work. A customer and left behind a booklet, like the one I've shown you. For the first time in my life I heard a life-transforming formula: three things I needed to know and just ONE thing I needed to do. The three things I needed to know: (1) my Creator loves me, (2) He knows that I have made wrong choices (3) Jesus died on the cross to take my punishment for all the things I would ever do wrong.

I saw that I had a choice. I could stumble ahead under an increasing load of guilt, or accept God's offer of unconditional forgiveness. I said out loud something like this, "Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying to pay for all the wrong things I have done. Come into my life and show me how you want me to live."

Since then life has not been without its problems. I have made some poor choices and been hurt by the consequences of not always living the way my Creator wants me to live.

But today, Friday 7 March 2016, I am excited because of the forgiveness I've received from my Creator. May I encourage you to accept your Creator's offer of unconditional forgiveness?