Other Tracts and Tapes on the Net for reaching a Multi-cultural Community

Resources on the Web

My Language -- resources in over 200 Australian languages. (Listen, Watch, Read, Study what God has said in YOUR language, and then Ask a question in your heart language to our internet evangelists.  Includes the JESUS film, Four Spiritual Laws, Online Bibles, Have You Heard of the Spirit-filled Life, and more).

The Four Spiritual Laws -- a Gospel tract in over 60 languages.

Listen to Gospel stories (using RealAudio) from Gospel Recordings.

Evangelism and Follow-up Material in over 10 languages from www.greatcom.org.

Evangelism Toolbox -- tracts, videos and training from several of the top evangelical organisations worldwide.

Online Catalogues

Multi-language Resources (USA) - Scriptures - Books - Videos - Cross-Cultural Resources. Their online catalog contains Scriptures in over 90 languages, Christian books in about 45 languages, the Who Is Jesus? tract, Bible-based ESL materials, plus a variety of foreign-language Christian videos .

No Frontiers (UK) -- Scriptures - Books and materials in many languages.

International Bible Society (USA)  --  Bibles in many languages.

Global Recordings Network (USA)     (Australia) formerly Language Recordings and Gospel Recordings. Audio cassettes in over 5,000 languages. Also 'Good News', 'Look, Listen and Live' Bible teaching flip charts with cassette commentaries in major languages. 'The Life of Christ' loose leaf Bible teaching picture series also available on video - English commentary. Hand-wind cassette players for Third World use. (Australia Contact Details)

Scripture Gift Mission International - Attractive and up-to-date booklets and leaflets that contain over 90% 
Scripture. Scores of situation-specific titles in hundreds of languages. (Australia Contact Details)

Campus Crusade for Christ Australia - JESUS videos, discipleship materials  (Australia Contact Details)

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary  - Tracts, books and "words for the day" in many languages (Australia Contact Details)

Resources in Sydney, Australia

Anglican Cross-cultural Ministry Team -- books and training in cross-cultural ministry (Contact Details)

Bible Society of NSW

Bible League -- Bibles in many languages. (Contact Details)


European Christian Mission -- Bibles and tracts , including the Personal Witness Pack and Ultimate Questions .( Contact Details)