Start Gatherings

GatheringsWhen you get 30 or more Christians in your Discovery Groups it is time to start a Gathering.  People like knowing that they are something larger than the Discovery Group.  We have learned from experience that if you do not start a Gathering you will find your people drifting off to churches which have a different DNA than your Discovery Group.

Your Gathering should continue the same elements as your Discovery Group: 

  • Caring for one another
  • Accountability
  • Discovery
  • Application 
  • Planning

You may also want to add:

  • Worship
  • Vision
  • Giving
  • Communion

Gatherings are often led by a group of four to seven leaders, with each leader responsible for a different segment of the gathering.  Try to avoid preaching.  There are many ways to do Discovery Bible Study with large groups. Talk with one of our coaches for suggestions.

Want help with planning for your first gathering?

Ask a coach for Advice