Hybrid Church

What is a hybrid church?

A hybrid church harnesses the power of come and go to create a dynamic impact on their community.

Research shows that half the people in your community expect to find God in a big building.  To reach these people you need events that they can come to.  You probably already have a weekly worship service.  Maybe you have playgroup, youth group, ESL, Alpha or other events at your building.  In a hybrid church you keep doing these things.  They give you the power of come.

Research also shows that about half of the people in your community would not walk into a church building for any reason.  They may be interested in God, but will seek Him someplace else.  Here is your opportunity to harness the power of go.  Go to their homes and the other paces where they feel comfortable and are in control.

Here is how we have been harnessing the power of go:

  • We look for ways to connect with people in our community that make sense to them.
  • We start with casual conversation, move to meaningful conversations and then into spiritual conversations, listening to see who wants to hear more.
  • Someplace along the line we will ask something like "Would you like to discover for yourself what God is like and how God wants you to live?"
  • If they are interested we continue with "Most people like to make these discoveries with their friends.  Who could you invite to your home or office?"
  • We then show them how to lead a Discovery Group -- a learner centred approach to discovering what the Bible says about God and life.

Bob Prouty, a Hybrid Church Specialist with Campus Crusade for Christ Australia, can coach you through the process of starting or expanding your hybrid church.

Two possible sets of studies for your Discovery Groups are:

In a hybrid church some of the people who join Discovery Groups will eventually come to the church building for the large worship service.  Others will continue only to meet with the other Discovery Group members.  Discovery Groups multiply as people catch the vision of starting new groups with people who are not yet involved in church.

What we expect:

The cost is based on the country where you live. First world: $100; others $20 to $50. Payable to the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry in your country. You do not need to pay until after your second coaching appointment.

You will select the topic for each coaching session and communicate this to Bob one week before your coaching time.

You will initiate each coaching session by calling Bob on time. 

You will begin coaching two other people after your 6th coaching session. 

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