Initiating Spiritual Conversations

I believe that each Christian should learn to master five ways of starting spiritual conversations. Jesus calls us to be fishermen and every good fisherman needs to have a variety of approaches depending on the weather, the season, and the location.

Take a look at these options and consider which of them you would like to try. Then request a short series of emails to help you become more skilled with this approach.

Story Telling

Telling Stories

When is the last time you heard a good story? Bible stories have an amazing ability to  open up spiritual conversations. Here are some tips on how to improve your story telling skills.

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Shema Statements

Are you including comments about God in your everyday conversation? Shema statements are statements, actions, and/or symbols that let others know that you love and obey God. They are ways of letting people know that we are spiritual people who are open to talking about spiritual things if people are open to it.

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Parties are a great place to inititate spiritual conversations.  People are in a relaxed mood and have time to talk.  Consider it an open invitation when people invite you to a birthday party, house warming or cultural celebration.

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Your Hand

You can use the story of your hand to share the Gospel whereever you go.  Watch our video and then practise with a friend. 

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Rope Tricks

 Rope tricks are a great way to grab people's attention.  I like to tie each trick to a short talk about one aspect of the Gospel.  You can also use tricks with foam balls, sticks and other objects.  

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Neighbourhood Surveys

Neighbourhood surveys can be an excellent way to get to know the needs of your community. Go in pairs and listen to the opinions and needs of your neighbours.

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JESUS movie

Download a 3 minute segment of the JESUS movie on your phone and ask people what they like best about the segment. For best results pick a segment of the movie in their heart language.

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Your Story

People are interested in how you came to faith and why Jesus is important to you.  Taking the time to write out these stories in words that your neighbours will understand is time well spent. 

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Greeting Cards

There are so many cards you can give your friends. Birthdays, national holidays, and even just-because.  Be inspired by our free cards.

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