MC² is a simple and transferable training process that can be used in launching and multiplying faith-communities resulting in church movements.

There are four levels to this training and you will receive personalized monthly coaching.

Catch the MC2 Vision

  MC² has the following characteristics:

  • 80 hours of classroom training in four distinct phases of 20 hours each.
  • A trained coach for every five trainees.
  • At least two hours of field practice for every hour of classroom training.
  • Practical ministry approaches shaped by the patterns of the New Testament such as engaging a community through a person or house of peace; following a strategy of Prayer, Care, Share; and utilizing obedience-based Bible studies.
  • Methods of adult education, reflective learning, and practical application.
  • Intentional multiplication of biblical faith-communities and churches.
  • Demonstrated competency based progression with “just in time” training.

To get started: