I was over at my friend Ryan's house last week. He showed me a coin that he received from a friend in Switzerland. It shares his vision of how to bring people into God's family


The outside rim highlights the lifestyle we need to live: Love, Pray and Care.

To me these are the hardest part of the whole coin.

Caring for people takes time -- and my neighbours always seem to need help when I am 'busy' or have other things planned. I stopped by Mira's* house a few weeks ago to drop off some dry bread for her chickens.  I forgot that the day was also just two days after Orthodox Christmas (January 8).  In her home country this is the day that people would visit from house to house.  Mira* is getting up in years, and very few people had dropped by.  She immediately commanded me to sit down so she could bring me coffee and sweets.  Then she insisted that I eat some meat.  When I said I was full she insisted on giving me box full of food to take back to my family.

What were my emotions like during this time?  I wasn't prepared for a long visit, but I knew that anything less would show that I don't care about the relationship.  I'm a task oriented person, but God is changing me so that I can flex when situations like this come up.

How are you doing in letting the people around you know that you care?  



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