Do you have friends who tell you they have no need for God?  The way they look at life they have everything they need: a good house, a family, a job and health.  They got this all without God's help and they don't think they will need God in the future.

What can you do to get the uninterested interested?

Ryan learnt a new approach at a training called MyFriends.  

When he was over at the gym he noticed that one of the people he works out with regularly seemed rather tired, so he asked him, "Jim*, is everthing all right?  You look tired".

Jim* told him that he hadn't slept well the night before.?

"You know what I do when I can't sleep?  I pray to Jesus.  Then I fall right off to sleep", Ryan replied.  "Would it be OK if I prayed for you right now?"

Jim* wasn't sure what to say.  "Well, I won't stop you", he said half heartedly.

Ryan, with eyes wide open, said "Jesus, I pray that my friend Jim will get a good night sleep.  Amen".

Jim* was a bit bewildered.  "Is that all you are going to say?", he asked.

Ryan replied, "Is there anything more you think I should tell him".

"Naw",  replied Jim*

The next time Ryan was in the gym he noticed that JIm* had a lot more energy.

"How you sleeping Jim", he asked.

"A lot better, thanks"

"Remember how I prayed that Jesus would give you sleep, Jim*?  That's him working in your life.  How about telling some of your mates what Jesus has done for you?"

What Ryan is doing here is making the unthinkable thinkable.  Jim has now had an experience of Jesus doing something in his life.    Jim has now had an experience of Jesus doing something in his life.  

Remember the coin I showed you last time?  This is what we mean by Share, Experience, Connect and Release. 

  •     We share how Jesus is working in our life and offer to pray for others
  •     Our friends have an experience 
  •     We help them connect that experience with Jesus
  •     We release the to tell others what Jesus is doing in their life

Do you have questions about this?  Great.  

Wait for my next email or come along and talk with Ryan yourself at the MyFriends Launch


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