Start a MyFriends Learning Community

02 - MyFriends - Lifestyle Overview


People learn best when they are supported by people they know. 

Start a MyFriends Learning Community where you can encourage and equip the people you know to help their friends discover what Jesus has done for them.

We are offering:

  • 4 Online Jam Sessions designed specifically for your group. You pick the dates and the time.
  • 4 Group Coaching Sessions.  These are normally scheduled 2 weeks after each Jam session.
  • Customized encouragement SMS. You can select daily or weekly text messages designed to encourage the members of your community.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can interact with other people applying the MyFriends Lifestyle.
  • 12 monthly coaching sessions for the group leader.  We want to see you be successful.
  • The MyFriends Training Manual (download)
  • A MyFriend's Coin for each particant to remind you of the lifestyle you want to live.

Cost: $100/person (5 person minumum)

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