Neighbourhood Surveys

God desires that everyone hears the Gospel and has the opportunity to respond. He is already at work among your neighbours, making himself known through both creation and conscience.  When you meet a person for the first time you are can build on what God has already done in their life and the messengers He has already sent.

There are many ways to give everyone in a community the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  We have found the following survey very helpful in multi-cultural communities.  Take a pad of surveys and bi-lingual Gospel tracts in several languages and have a great time meeting the people in your community.


Hello, I have a few quick questions. My name is ___, and this is my friend _____________. We’re part of training program sponsored by Here’s Life. We’re concerned about spiritual needs in the neighbourhood. We’d like to get some ideas from you (your name is ________?) Thank you. So we’d like to get some ideas from you about people’s spiritual needs. In order to help people meet their spiritual needs, we’re doing some surveys in the neighbourhood. (name) I have 9 short questions. Could you spare me 3 min and 17 secs?

1. According to previous surveys, more than 80% of Australians have an interest in spiritual things. Are you more interested in spiritual things today, than you were five years ago? Yes ______ No_____

2. Do you think of the Creator as a Supreme Being who watches over you, and to whom you must ultimately answer? Yes _____ No _____.

3. Do you at some time and in some way, pray every day? Yes ___ No _____

4. Do you have a church/temple/mosque/or religious service, that you attend?   Yes _____ No _____

5. How often do you attend?
Daily _____ Weekly _____ Monthly _____ Annually _____ Never _____

6. Research indicates, that most people feel they have spiritual needs. Lots of people say their lives are being hurt by one or more of the following three things:
(1) FAILURE (2) rejection (3) fear of being found out.
Would you agree? Yes __ No __

7.Which one of the three, FAILURE, rejection, fear of being found out, do you feel affects your life the most? ___________________

8. If someone were to offer you complete freedom from ______________(insert their choice) you’d want to hear about it, wouldn’t you? Yes ____ No ______

9. Like most Australians, you obviously have an interest in spiritual things, right’? _____I have a small booklet that will assist you in discovering the answer to your concern about _______________. May I give you a copy? Yes _____ - No _____

[If Yes, hand the booklet to the person. And then say ....This small booklet tells us three things we need to know, and one thing we need to do, in order to experience a life-transforming relationship with the one who created us. May I point out the highlights?]