A change in plans

What changes are you making in the way you lead Bible studies?

Three weeks ago I went to two of my neighbours and asked if I could read a Bible storybook to their children each week during Lent.

I have known each of these families for over ten years, and I have often thought of starting a Bible study in their homes, but just didn't know how to bring it up.  Lent gave me the perfect opportunity.  Both families were familiar with Lent and realized they were only saying yes to four visits.

The first three weeks went well.  Then Covid-19 hit and our country went into lockdown. 

No problem.  I had two copies of the Bible storybook so I went to each front door and handed the book to the husband and showed him the next chapter I was planning to read.

"Keep the book until the lockdown is over.  Maybe you can read a chapter to your children on a regular basis", I said.

My prayer is that both families will make it a regular practice to read the Bible together. 

What creative ideas do you have for encouraging families to read God's Word during this crazy time?  I'd love to learn what God is teaching you.