DBS for long passages

How do you handle LONG passages in a Discovery Bible Study?

Last weekend we decided to tackle the Passion narrative. My wife wanted us to do ALL of Matthew 26 and 27.  

That is a huge amount of text for a recount.  I tried to trim it down, by editing out some scenes.  Still I had six pages of text.

I was apprehensive.  We have four small children in our group.  Would they play quietly enough for us to cover so much?

Then my daughter gave me an idea: why not divide people into three groups and let each group take a different time segment.

We sent each group to a different part of the house to read and practise.

When we came back I expected one person from each group to do the recount. But they had organized themselves differently, splitting the passage with each person telling a different part.

I loved it.  I've read the Passion narrative many times, but hearing the recounts made it come alive in a new way.  It was like we had all seen these events last week and were now telling them to our friends.

Have fun with your Discovery Bible Study groups. 

Send me your ideas so that I can share them with others.