The first step to multiplying leaders

Yesterday was my first coaching time with Dave*.

Dave* lives in rural Queensland.  When I say rural I'm talking about towns of 250 or 400 people.  Farmers who drive 15 minutes to visit their next door neighbour. Places where you would need to drive an hour or more to find a church. Any church.

Dave* has a vision of starting house churches all over the region. Right now he has a network of three house churches.  

He called me because he wants coaching in how to multiply leaders.  Dave has a real need.  The leader of one of his house churches will be moving back to the city at the end of the year.

One of the questions I always ask people who want to multiply leaders is "What do you want your leaders to do?"

Dave paused for a minute and then said he wanted the leaders of his house churches to:

  • be able to lead a discussion about a Bible passage
  • be involved in their community
  • be telling people about Jesus

I told him that was a good start, but is that all he wants them to be able to do? I then began to share the list of what I expect of my leaders.  I could hear Dave's pencil taking notes.

Want to see my list? 

The first step to multiplying leaders is to determine what you want your leaders to do and the values you want to see them living out.

I am trying to build leaders at four levels. My goal is to raise up Strategy Coordinators who are able to initiate and lead disciple-making movements in 60 language groups.  I discover that when I share my leadership pathway with people who have started to lead groups than many of them aspire to become coaches.  We then begin talking about how they can learn the skills, habits and values needed.

I would enjoy seeing your list.  What do you want your leaders to do and what are the values you want to see them live out?