How to tell if your groups are heathy

Yesterday Larry* and Sharon* joined our leadership team for our monthly meeting.  They are an amazing couple.  In the past six months they have started three Discovery Bible Study groups.

I have never attended any of their groups and I wanted to understand how the groups are functioning.

I figured the best way was to have them fill out a simple chart for one of their groups.  In less than 5 minutes I understood many of the dynamics of their group, how to encourage Larry and Sandra and what we should be praying for during the next month.

Here is my chart.  Try filling it out for one of your groups.  

  • What does the chart show you?  
  • Is there an area where ALL the members of your group need to grow?  
  • Are there other things which you think are important to keep track of?
  • Who can you involve in praying for these growth areas?

 If you send me your chart, our team will join you in praying for the growth of your members.


 Reading Bible in group        
States what this tells us about God and people        
 Consistenly follows through on their own application        
 Meeting community needs        
Sharing what they learn with people outside the group        
Leads sections of the discussion        
Baptized since joining the group?        
Christian before joining group        
Have they started their own group?