Before I start a DBS

It is Bob here.

I am trying an experiment.

My wife and I have become friends with some people in the Indian community.  We've celebrated birthdays together, gone on a trip to the beach and even held a pool party at a neighbours home.

For me, the jump from social friendship to a Discovery Bible Study seemed too big.  Yes, some of us have moved from Casual Conversation to Meaningful Conversation and even to Spiritual Conversation.  But I don't think the group is ready to move to regular  Jesus Conversations.

So yesterday, at my wife's birthday party, I challenged them to be part of a Focus Group.  Our first topic will be "Finding a Balance in Life".  

The ground rules will be that everyone who wants to brings an idea or story to share.  When we gather I'll ask those who brought something to write their name on a slip.  We will put the slips in a jar, shake the jar, and pull out a slip.  That person is then the chairman for the next 5 to 10 minutes.  Then we pull out another name.  Just before we leave each person is asked to write down two ideas they want to try to implement and then tell them to someone sitting nearby.

I'm not sure how this experiment will go.  Will it lead to people getting to know Jesus better and wanting to be his disciples? Will it establish a culture that moves easily into DBS?

I'll let you know how the first meeting goes.  In the meantime, will you pray for our Indian community? Pray that God will open thier eyes to the greatness of Jesus.

Let me know how I can pray for your outreach.