Rockets and Leadership

David Watson likes to build rockets.  The big ones.  The ones that go up a mile or more.

He told me that the most important part of a rocket are the fins.  If the fins are not exactly right the rocket can end up someplace you didn't want -- like going through your neighbour's house.

In DBS there are three fins to keep us on course:

  1. Bible
  2. Prayer/Holy Spirit
  3. Mentors

Don't overlook any of these.  Right now I am in the USA to catch up with three of my mentors.  I missed one because of flight delays, had coffee with the second yesterday and will soon spend a day with the third.  Our times together are short, but they invaluable in working through my current challenges.


Rocket Fins


The power of the DBS rocket comes from three ways of relating to people:

  1. Making Disciples -- helping lost people become passionate followers of Jesus
  2. Making Leaders -- helping people step into leadership roles
  3. Mentoring Others -- long-term relationships with other leaders

Two weeks ago I was mentoring (coaching) Mary* who is in a European country which used to be part of the Soviet block.  Mary started a Discovery Bible Study with people who want to improve their English. Mary started off with the standard DBS questions and passages for Creation to Christ.  When we met this week she said she had switched over to the studies listed at and wanted to know what I thought.

I turned the question back to Mary and asked her if the new study has the same DNA as DBS.  Is there a time of:

  • Caring for one another
  • Accountability
  • Discovery (reading the Bible)
  • Application
  • Planning

She said that all of these elements are in her study.  

The next question I asked is, "Is this reproducable? Can your students start groups doing what you are doing?"  Here is the problem.  Mary can have a great ministry with her new setup, but it will not turn into a movement, unless she can find a way to empower the group members to start and lead groups that use the national language.

Do you have any ideas on how she can do this? Send me an email with your suggestions.  I value your wisdom.