Starting your first (or next) evangelistic Bible study

Would you like some help with starting your first (or next) evangelistic Bible study?

How about getting together online next week for an hour jam session? What time is best for you?

What we’ll cover at the jam session...

  • Answers to YOUR questions. You can type your questions now or during the jam session. If I can't answer your question I will find someone who can. 
  • Finding Interested People. Many more people are interested in talking about Jesus than you would think.  We will show you where to look, what to do before you ask them to read the Bible, and effective ways determining their spiritual interest.
  •  Four tips to setting people at ease at your first meeting. Reading and talking about the Bible is new for many people.  What can you do so people will be eager for the second meeting?
  • Creating conversations that people will tell their friends about. You can see your group members telling their friends about the Bible, even before they come to faith.
  • Empowering group members to lead.  Why it is important to involve each member of the group in leading parts of the study starting with your first or second meeting.


Online. Use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. No special software to install.  What is the best time for you?

Hope to see you next week. Feel free to invite your friends.