An unexpected Bible study

Last night I had a most unexpected Bible study with Adil*.

It was unexpected because I was stopping by Reyansh's apartment to invite him to my birthday party and I expected him to be alone. I knew his wife and children were in India visiting relatives.  I didn’t know that Reyansh* had taken in a temporary boarder.

Adil was cooking dinner and asked if I’d like a parantha.  I love Indian food so I gladly accepted.

As we sat down to eat, Reyansh got a phone call.  It must have been important because he walked into another room and was gone for a LONG time.

My conversation with Adil wandered all over the place. At one point he asked about work and I mentioned I have been working on a new phone app.  He seemed interested to know more, so I took out my phone and showed him  MyFriends Journey.

I opened to the page on "Life Issues" and asked him which of the topics was of most interest to him.  He picked "Resolving Conflict".  

I then asked Adil if we could talk about that right now.  "The app has some questions which might be helpful for us", I told him.

Adil was eager to proceed.  During our discussion I learnt that he is a Muslim and his girlfriend is Catholic.  

When we finished the discussion guide he asked me to show him how to install the app on his phone. He wants to have more discussions like this with his girlfriend.

A few minutes later Reyansh returned to the room, having finished his phone call.  I was finally able to invite him to my birthday party.

The Bible study with Adil was only  possible because I had downloaded the MyFriends Journey onto my phone in advance.  This is a new technology which allows you to install the app directly from our website. Let me encouage you to:

  • Visit
  • Android users will see a popup menu asking permission to add MyFriends Journey to their homescreen if they are using Chrome.
  • iPhone users will find instructions at the end of any Bible study series.
  • Download as many Bible series as you want. You have 12 language options. My favourite is the Australian English edition.

If you have any problems installing the app, please let me know.  I want you to be prepared to hold a Bible discussion whenever God opens the door.

I would also love to hear what doors God opens for you.