Watch out for question 2 if you are an APE

My friends think I am an APE (Apostolic Prophet Evangelist).  

I gladly accept the first two letters. As an Apostle I identify with the slogan from StarTrek: 'to boldly go where noone has gone before' (my paraphrase). As a Prophet I am quite willing to put forth unpopular views when I am convinced they are right. 

I'm not so sure about Evangelist.  I am often with non-Christians talking about Jesus, but I think my gift of teaching is stronger. That would make me an APT.

Both the APE and the ATP need to watch out for question 2 in the Discovery Bible Study:  "What are you struggling with and how can we help?"

This question will often get people sharing at a deeper level than the APE/APT is comfortable with.

Some of the things I've heard recently:

"I've decided to separate from my husband and move into my own apartment."

"My sister-in-law has a rare form of cancer and the doctors don't know how to treat it."

"My father is hemmorhaging in his brain stem and I can't get a visa to join him until next week."

I am so glad that my wife has the heart of a Shepherd.  She knows how to come alongside people who are hurting.  She knows how to listen, empathize, point them to Jesus and give them hope.

If you are an APE or APT, look around for people with other giftings. We need all the giftings in our groups.

Till next time,