What to do at a leadership meeting

I wrote last time that if we want to see multiplication we need to create three structures:

  1. The DBS -- for evangelism.  This is the normal entry point for non-Christians.
  2. The Gathering -- for ongoing discipleship.  This involves 20 to 80 people getting together for worship, building community, stengthening individual believers and outreach. Some non-Christians will prefer to join here where they can watch without a lot of commitment.
  3. The Team -- for leadership training.  Equipping people to lead the Gathering and start new DBS groups

In our movement we have four DBS leaders who have a total of seven DBS groups.

Last week we had our second Team Meeting.  I wanted to keep the meeting to 90 minutes, so I wrote out an agenda following the CASA outline.

C- Caring for one another

I had a pretty good handle on how things were going for the team, but there were some major changes in their lives that I wanted everyone to hear about.

A - Accountability

Three of the members had been on trips outside the city.  I wanted to hear how God opened up doors for them to talk about Jesus. 

I was concerned about how two members of Carrie's group were going, so we talked about this for awhile.

S - Select

I chose to do a Discovery Bible Study on Psalm 69:7-12.  Many believe this Psalm talks about Jesus teenage years.  

Our leaders have also been looking at the Life of Christ and how He built a movement.  We discussed lesson 5 and thought about how being a carpenter would have prepared Jesus for ministry. Then we thought about how current jobs are helping prepare us for ministry.

A - Application

We are seeing the need to raise up more prayer for our movement.  I asked each member to find four people outside of our group who will pray for them on a regular basis.  That will be easy for some and a real stretch for others.

The last question I always ask is "When do you want to meet again?"  Our calendars are very full, and we need to be flexible.  We try to meet every four weeks.

Do you have a team to work with?  I'll give you some ideas next time on how to bring a team together.