What do you do when you don't know what to say?

I've known Krish* for more than two years.  My wife and I have attempted to help him keep his marriage together. But two months ago his wife moved out, taking their daughter with her.

Krish* no longer needed such a large apartment, so he moved out of our neighbourhood and into a shared flat closer to work.

We've kept in touch with the entire family. After all, they are our friends. 

This is all new territory to me.  What do I say to them?

When I don't know what to say, I go back to the basics:

  •    Pray
  •    Show that I care in practical ways
  •    Share what God is doing in my life

This weekend our family took a class in making mosaics at an art studio not far from Krish's apartment.  I called Krish* to see if he was free in the afternoon and he suggested we get together right after the class for lunch. 

We've eaten many meals together with Krish, so he knows what types of food we like.  He is Indian and he took us to his favourite Bangladeshi restaurant. When the food came  I asked Krish if it would be OK if I pray.  Krish would identify himself as Hindu, but he has heard me pray before we eat at our home and on picnics. He gives me permission, so I pray -- mostly for him. 

The talk turns to the food, his job, where he is exercising, how often he gets to see his daughter and other topics.

During one of the rare pauses I change the focus saying, "This morning Chris showed me an interesting YouTube that talked about overcoming difficult problems".  I the recounted what I remembered of the video clip using words that Krish would understand.  I finished by telling how the impact the video had in me and the 'giants' I was facing this week.

Krish listened well, but didn't want to continue talking about this subject. We finished the meal and then went to see his new apartment.

On the way home I told my family, "I don't think I did a very good job of summarising the You Tube for Krish".

They disagreed.  They had a much more positive evaluation of our time.

Then we brainstormed better ways to tell the story.  I latched onto several key phrases and changes I want to make the next time I tell this story.

I'm 66 years old and I want to continue to be an active learner as long as I live.  I want to see God continue to sharpen my ability to share His message. I know that practise with feedback is an important part of that process.

Have a fun week sharing what God is doing in your life.  And if you can get feedback, so much the better.