Train Disciplemakers (NLTC)

Are you ready to become a multiplying disciple?

A multiplying disciple is a  follower of Jesus who is building into the lives of others so that they can train people how to reach out with the Gospel


Which is more effective: to share the Gospel with 3,000 people each day or to reach just three people with the Gospel and spend a year training them to do the same?

The answer may surprise you. If you focus on sharing the Gospel every day with the large crowds, it will take you 17 years to share the Gospel with everyone in Australia. If you had focused on training, by this same time you and your disciples would have shared the Gospel with everyone on the planet!

Training takes place in four levels. Each level can be completed over an intensive weekend or in weekly sessions over a quarter year.

Level 1 -  Reaching your neighbours with the Gospel
Level 2 -- Helping New Believers Grow
Level 3 -- Starting a Ministry of Spiritual Multiplication
Level 4 -- Leading a Spiritual Movement

Each level focuses on four elements:

  • spiritual development
  • developing a multiplication mindset
  • practical ministry outreach skills
  • reaching out with the Gospel together

Homework: Between sessions each participant is expected to set time each week to reach out to their community or other special area with the Gospel. We suggest you discuss the personal ministry plan which you develop in Level 1 with your pastor and church leadership team with the goal of working together with others in your church.