Order Gospel Tracts

Bi-lingual Gospel tracts are an effective way to share the Gospel with people from different cultures. Each of these tracts is based on "The Four Spiritual Laws" by Bill Bright, and was back-translated from the overseas original -- preserving the logic and illustrations appropriate for the people you will be sharing with. Our stores sell bi-lingual Gospel tracts in over 90 languages.

We also sell single language tracts.

  • Tracts are approximately 10 cm by 10 cm (4 inches by 4 inches)

  • Tracts are printed with a coloured cover

  • All inside printing is in black

  • See the logic of each tract

  • See the artwork of typical tract (in Adobe Acrobat format)

The Ordering Process

  • Select the appropriate store. The tracts are all the same, with the exception of the contact information (usually on page 15). Our desire is to give people local contacts for further information whereever possible.
  • Select the tracts you want. Pay attention to the minimum order details.
  • Tell us who to bill and where to ship the tracts.
  • You will NOT be paying for these tracts today. We will send you an email giving you the details of how to pay. Most stores take credit cards or cheques.