Discovering Life Principles

Life Principles is designed to show the relevance of the Bible to everyday life. These are great outlines for your conversations for people who have not yet come to faith in Jesus.

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Discovering Spiritual Community

 Imagine getting a group of lost people together to read the Bible and discuss what this passage tells us about God and people.  Then watch your community transformed as people put into action what they discovered through the group discussion.

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Discovering Spiritual Leadership

How do you help your leaders develop the character and skills they need to lead a multiplying network of Discovery Bible Studies?

This study goes through the Gospel of Matthew.

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Easy English Follow-up

Here is a Bible study in simple English which is designed for new Christians.

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Spirit-filled Life

What happens after you've accepted Christ? Find out what it means to be filled with God's Spirit and experience freedom in Christ.

Available in over 50 languages .

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Watching God Work

Do you want to help Christians catch a vision of what God is doing among their friends and community?

These conversations will help people discover what God is doing and give them the skills and mindset to join Him in changing the way people relate to each other and to God.

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