Look for people of peace

God is already at work strategically placing people where He wants them. The Person of Peace becomes the key through which entire relational networks are reached with God’s love. Persons of Peace have been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the Gospel for the first time into a community.

  • We need discernment – Persons of Peace may not be who we expect them to be.
  • There may be more than one Person of Peace in a community.
  • The Person of Peace should be mobilized for ministry immediately.
  • Discovering the people God has prepared can be a fun and exciting process.

Persons of Peace have 4 characteristics in common:

  1. They are open to you being in their lives and to learning
  2. They are hungry for spiritual things,
  3. They quickly share the truths they have discovered
  4. They pull you into their network of relationships.

If the person is open and willing to engage in a spiritual conversation, we know that the Holy Spirit has prepared this person to be the first recipient of the Gospel into their community.