Prayer Network

How to Set Up a Prayer Network

The first step in setting up a prayer network is making your own personal prayer calendar:
  1. Grab a sheet of paper or open up a Word document.
  2. Number down the side of the paper 1-30.
  3. Write down one person you can pray for beside each number.
  4. On each day of the month that corresponds with that number call/text/email that person and ask how you can pray for them.
  5. Then pray for that person throughout the day of the month.


How to Expand Your Network

After a few months ask each person you have been praying with to start their own prayer calendar.  Tell them what you did or forward this page to them.  This could give you up to 900 prayer partners.  

How to Talk with People on Your Prayer Calendar
After you have completed your prayer calendar, call/text/email the person that matches that day's date. Tell them that they are on your prayer calendar for that day and that you will be praying for them throughout the day. Ask if there is anything specific you can pray for. If you called them, ask if you can pray for them right then. If its an email, email them your prayer.
The purpose of this is not for you to solicit or beg for prayer, but naturally they will ask how they can pray for you. Be specific! You will coach them on how, what, and depth of what to pray for based on what you request for prayer. We encourage people to say 2 to 3 things so that they can remember what they are praying for, which will increase how often you pray for them.
Follow-up! Don't forget to follow-up on how God is answering their prayers. The following month when you call them again, ask them if God has answered their prayers. Most people ask for prayers but never praise God for how He answers! 


  adapted from 90 Day Disciplemaking Challenge by Paul Watson