Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking is based on the example of Joshua 1:3-7; 6:15, 20 where the people of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days before taking action.  Many people have reported that their eyes were opened to the needs of their community while prayer walking.  Others report that God leads them to “people of peace” who are eager to learn about Jesus during their prayer walks.

We suggest walking through your community with a partner.  You may find it best to keep your eyes open while you walk and pray. 

Some suggestions:

  • Enter the community together and begin praying for everything that you notice.
  • You can pray while walking or stop at strategic locations and pray in a focused way.
  • Ask God to give you a heart of compassion for the community.
  • Be open to the Spirit’s leading about what to pray for.

Some things to pray for:

  • Openness to the gospel
  • Specific people within the area
  • Conviction of sin and preparation by the Holy Spirit
  • Supernatural intervention in circumstances that lead people to seek God
  • "Persons of Peace" who will invite you into their home and introduce  you to others
  • God’s power demonstrated over strongholds and demonic opposition
  • Community leaders and influencers – religious, governmental, educational, business, arts, etc.
  • Believers in the community to be fully surrendered to Christ and empowered for service

Here is a guide we often use.