What do you expect of your leaders?


, I totally forgot


I totally forgot about my coaching time with Doug* yesterday.  That is I forgot, until my computer beeped.  My ten minute reminder. Now why did I schedule a coaching appointment in the first week of the school holidays?  Must be important.  Oh, yes.  Doug was on holiday last week and we need to keep moving forward.  

I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and wrote down my outline: CASA.  

What did I need to do for each of these letters?

C – Caring

Developing a Growth Mindset


, here is what I learnt at primary school today


Wednesday night  I went to the school musical -- Yes, I can.

We've been active in this primary school for over 20 years.  Both of our children started there in KIndergarten.  Now we are continuing at Scripture teachers.  I teach Year 6/5; my wife teaches Kindergarten.  Each year we attend the school musical.

This year there was a page in the program about the Growth Mindset which caught my attention. The diagram below reminded me of the task we often face: helping a person take the next step.

Coaching MyFriends

MyFriends starts with three monthly meetings where particpants learn how to introduce their friends to Jesus in a non-threatening way.  Follow the numbers below to see the process they will be putting into action. You will be given a copy of the Training Manual before you start coaching.

How to tell if your groups are heathy


how does your DBS measure up?


Yesterday Larry* and Sharon* joined our leadership team for our monthly meeting.  They are an amazing couple.  In the past six months they have started three Discovery Bible Study groups.

I have never attended any of their groups and I wanted to understand how the groups are functioning.

I figured the best way was to have them fill out a simple chart for one of their groups.  In less than 5 minutes I understood many of the dynamics of their group, how to encourage Larry and Sandra and what we should be praying for during the next month.

The first step to multiplying leaders


Do you know the first step to multiplying leaders?


Yesterday was my first coaching time with Dave*.

Dave* lives in rural Queensland.  When I say rural I'm talking about towns of 250 or 400 people.  Farmers who drive 15 minutes to visit their next door neighbour. Places where you would need to drive an hour or more to find a church. Any church.

Dave* has a vision of starting house churches all over the region. Right now he has a network of three house churches.  

A coach listens and asks questions


here is what a coach does


Jason* was told by his senior pastor to start a university ministry for Cantonese-speakers. 

Jason left the pastor's office in a fog.  He knew he was supposed to start something, but what was the next step?

Fortunately Eric*, one of our coaches, is a part of that ministerial team.  They got talking about what the senior pastor wanted and Eric began asking Jason questions:

Releasing people from your leadership team


When should you release people from your leadership team


I have a small leadership team of four people: Ruth*, Crystal*, My wife,  and myself.

Ruth is the strongest leader.  She has started three Discovery Bible Studies and is constantly seeing people come to faith in Christ. Ruth is also a great friend.  My wife led her to Christ and I walked her down the aisle when she got married. 


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