Asking people to be part of your team

When Jesus called Peter and the other fishermen He said, "follow me and I will make you fishers of men".

What will you say when you call people to be part of your team?

This is your opportunity to share your vision.  I feel more comfortable sharing my vision when I have something written down.  It does not need to be fancy.  When I called my leadership team together I selected people who had already started Discovery Bible Studies. I shared my vision of transforming our community by changing the way people relate to God and to each other. I showed them my leadership pathway of how I would help them grow in their leadership skills and then challenged them to join me once a month for a two hour meeting.  I let them know that I expected them to study the Life of Christ and they would need to study two lessons between each session.  I then asked if they wanted to be involved for the next year. 

I also notice that before Jesus called the 12 He spent a whole night in prayer (Luke 6:12-16).  He knew that choosing his leadership team was important and well worth the time he spent talking with the Father.

Sometimes people put off asking people to be part of their team because they are afraid of rejection. It is hard when people tell me 'no', but I realize that God has not called everyone to be part of my team.  So when I challenge people to join with me, I ask them to pray and see what God tells them.  If He has called them to do something else right now, we can both rejoice.

An accountability partner or a coach might help you take the action that you know God has called you to take. 



Everyone does better with a coach.

The better you are the more coaching will help you.  Look at the sports clubs in your community.  Which team has more coaches:  the local amatuer team or your national team?

Experience shows that you are twice as likely to be successful in building a Disiple Buidling Movement if you have a coach.

Here's Life is building a team of coaches who can help you.